Rachel Dixon


always: writer, poet, gym rat, askew, up too late and too early

usually: solo, cat-like, dog person, health goth, working on a "book"

occasionally: singer, songwriter, actress, oenophile, critic, diva

day job: tech, product management, surveillance capitalism (jk lolsob)

working on: finding the perfect & most meaningful day job (call me), a digital humanities masters degree & related research, a collection of pomes, a garden, my abs, my voice, trying to become trilingual, making space for others, healing, secrets, decolonizing, dis/comfort

formerly: dancer, bostonian, marathon runner, opera singer, video game designer, hot guestlist girl at the clerb, shop manager, art model, bicoastal, dating app user, music blogger, greedily ambitious, underfed in many ways, punk, rave, "conservative," teenage riot grrrl zine maker

never: straight, acquiescent to authority (ask my parents [sorry mom]), staid, radical, sure, not going to take it personally, unscented, not thinking, working alone even when working alone, gonna give you up or give up on the dream my friends

rachel dixon finds it hard to be every woman but is somehow a writer, poet, digital humanist (ama), product manager (don't), data analyst, art game maker, film enabler, folklorist, musician, friend, and probably more things not considered for most personal brand lps